Vision. Seeing/feeling. Reaching out and rearranging into something beautiful. Something to strike the eye/the heart. Bridging divides between word and image. Arresting senses. Capturing attention/driving memory association. Making an imagined narrative tangible. Provoking interest/avoiding cliches.

Kate’s work spans creative direction, editing, styling, writing, visual placement, interior design, marketing, communications, copywriting, graphic design and photographic production. An all-rounder skill set, a tireless work ethic and a useful dose of hypervigilance. 14+ years managing media projects from conception through to cross-platform publication, distribution and niche demographic marketing, as an editor and creative communications/branding specialist. She currently runs her own creative content and media management company and is a regular columnist for News Corp, specialising in travel and style and tripping between Australia and the USA. Her work has produced countless images, characters and stories for editorial, advertising and short film and appeared across Australia, the UK, USA and Europe.

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